Study skills are essential for every grade level and should be consistently growing with your student. Each year a new skill or new depth of a current study skill should be happening. Like all things education these skills build upon one another and push your student to new levels of learning.

There are many different types of study skills and they can all be taught to your student through the SOAR program. SOAR stands for Setting goals, Organizing, Asking questions, and Recording progress. These study skills increase the graduation rate by seven times and a school in Utah even reported a rise in the student’s GPA’s by one full point or more! 

Study skills, also known as soft skills, are highly sought after in the workplace. These life-long skills are something employers are desperate to find. They have surveys and other ways of discovering how potential employees feel about certain areas.  

Some of the skills you can expect to learn and enhance in the SOAR Program are time and task management, organization, and communication skills. In addition, to those foundational skills, SOAR will enhance reading skills, writing skills, and project planning. It will even help develop note-taking and test-taking skills. 

All of the study skills taught in the SOAR program are great tools for anyone to have no matter their age or grade level. These skills will continue to help them throughout their whole life, from grade school to college and even into the workforce and on their career paths. Don’t let your child’s summer be wasted or even worse cause them to have a summer learning loss, enroll them in a summer program, or set them up for independent studies through the SOAR program