Benefits of Tutoring to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

There are many benefits of tutoring to help ensure your child does not experience summer learning loss. Summer learning loss is a loss in academic knowledge and skills for your child during summer break. It is also known as summer slide, brain drain, and summer setback. 

During summer break children experience a loss of 2 months in developing and strengthening their reading and math skills. Due to the fact most children typically spend less time participating in enrichment activities and learning throughout the summer, the first month back to school is spent on testing and refreshing previously learned concepts. Further slowing your student’s academic growth.

How can summer learning loss be prevented?

To ensure your child stays on top of their academic progress and striving towards their academic growth it is recommended that they participate in two to three hours of academic work per week. For ideas on how to involve academic learning on summer day outings check out our article Learning on Day Outings

Additional ways to ensure that your child is learning and growing academically throughout the summer is enrolling them in local summer programs. There are a number of programs offered throughout the summer for children to enrich their lives and encourage academic growth. Summer programs are a great way to keep your child involved, introduce new concepts, and strengthen old ones. Plus, they could make new friends along the way! 

Another idea for preventing summer learning loss for your child is encouraging summer reading. You can do this by signing them up for a book club, reading a book with them and discussing it, taking a book to read during travel time for day trips, or take trips to the local library. Taking the time to invest in your child’s learning during the summer will help them feel confident in their knowledge base and stay confident when returning back to school with their peers. 

Benefits of Tutoring During Summer Break

Many think that tutoring is only for during the school year and for children who are failing or struggling with a specific concept or subject. This is a common misconception, all children can benefit from tutoring, especially during summer break where they are otherwise not learning or growing academically at all. 

Tutoring throughout the summer is beneficial because your student can reinforce the concepts learned the previous year, preview the concepts they will be learning in the upcoming year, and focus on topics that are specifically interesting to your student. In addition to these things, students will keep a routine and incorporate consistent small doses of learning throughout the summer. Tutoring will help your child close any learning gaps by focusing on the students’ weaker foundational skills, and it helps the student to practice studying and test taking skills along the way. 

These are only some of the benefits of tutoring for a more in-depth look check out our article on the benefits of tutoring in elementary school.