Deciding to hire a tutor for your child is a big decision and an investment of time and money. Before you make the decision check out these 5 Tips for Successful Online Tutoring Sessions that will help you to get the most out of your sessions! But don’t stop after finding the perfect tutor, because you can do a lot to ensure that tutoring time is put to the best use.

Tip #1- Be Prepared

The first of the 5 Tips for Successful Online Tutoring Sessions is being prepared. Tutoring time is an investment. By being prepared, you can ensure that learning time is maximized. This can be accomplished by setting up the learning environment and all materials that may be used. Message or speak with your tutor to see what is helpful to have nearby. 

Examples of materials are:


Mini whiteboard


Scratch paper


Creating a learning environment that is suitable for learning is so important. You will need to find an area that is quiet and free of distractions. Next, you will want to log in early to do all of the technology checks before the scheduled session and make sure the device has enough battery life to complete it. In addition, you will want to have a charger nearby.  

Help your child by ensuring they are prepared to learn.  This can include having enough rest, nutrition, and time before and after.  This is so they do not feel rushed or distracted during the session. 

Tip #2- Make Clear Goals

The next tip for you is to keep the tutor in the loop. You will want them to know the goals you have with your student, as this will help the tutor to make the experience more meaningful.  It will also allow for your tutor to make suggestions to help reach these goals.  Your tutor can suggest at-home practices and resources that they think may be helpful for your student.  By having the whole educational team focused on the same outcome, students are supported for success.

Tip #3-Be Consistent

With this tip the focus is consistency. Schedules are always hectic and ever-changing. However, it is helpful to maintain a consistent schedule to avoid forgetting or not being prepared for a lesson.  Tutors are part of the educational team so your tutor will create a tutoring plan to keep your student on track for school assessments, assignments, and projects.  This is why keeping a consistent schedule will allow for pacing to meet assignment checkpoints and goals. 

Tip #4- Communicate

Your tutor is part of your educational team therefore keeping the tutor involved and informed will provide the success of the tutoring plan. You will also want to let your child’s teacher know that your student is receiving tutoring services and ask the teacher about concepts and skills the students are learning in school. In addition, you will want to check if there are any upcoming tests or projects and see if there are specific skills that your student struggles with. Once you gather the information make sure to communicate this information to your tutor.  Many services, like Great Thinkers Learning Academy, have messaging systems to share files to be used on the interactive whiteboard.  With communication, the tutor can also prepare other supplementary materials to enhance the session and provide extra practice.  Great Thinkers Learning Academy provides students with an IXL account for extra practice and progress monitoring.  

Tip #5- Inquire About Small Group Tutoring

The final tip of 5 Tips for Successful Online Tutoring Sessions is small group tutoring. In general, students learn so much more from each other than from anyone else. This is why you should inquire about small group tutoring.  The pricing and amount of time a student receives is an economical solution and in addition to this, students get to interact with peers.  Group sessions are motivating and fun for students.  Your student’s tutor can also help suggest meaningful groupings.  Or talk with friends to “share” sessions.

Make the Most of Tutoring

There are many great reasons to hire a tutor and many benefits that can come from it. Check out the blog on the benefits of tutoring in elementary school.  

These tips are intended to help make the most of your student’s tutoring time.  At Great Thinkers Learning Academy we develop personalized learning plans for students.  Our goal is to collaborate with parents and students to support and challenge students to be successful and find the joy of learning.  

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