Getting started with tutoring services before there are academic problems is a great way to ensure success for your student in the upcoming semester. Many parents think that hiring a tutoring service is only beneficial for their child if they are currently struggling in the classroom. However, this is not the case. A tutoring service can benefit your child greatly by helping them get ahead of any struggles. This prevents small issues turning into  big obstacles like missed assignments, failing grades, and lack of interest or participation.  

Working with a tutor before these problems arise, not only helps minimize the chance of a larger problem developing, but it also helps your student gain confidence, participate more in the classroom, and  build a sense of responsibility.  In addition, a student tutoring service can help your child prepare for tests, exams, big projects, and more. Working with a private tutoring service will help your child to better understand the learning concepts being taught and give them additional tools to help them succeed. There are many advantages of tutoring for students. 

Parents’ favorite part of a student tutoring service are their child’s grades begin to climb, and they have a better attitude toward school and learning.

Why Choose Great Thinkers Learning Academy Over Other Tutoring Services?

Great Thinkers Learning Academy cares about your student’s academic success. This is why we offer online tutoring services with certified teachers who are experienced and dedicated to the success of our students. Each of our caring teachers is an expert in teaching their subject area at the appropriate age level for the student.  

What sets us apart from other tutoring services is we partner with families and schools to create personalized learning plans. We understand that all students are unique learners with different learning needs and our goal is to find a plan to fit their individual academic needs. For these reasons and more Great Thinkers Learning Academy offers a free consultation and free intro session so that we can work together to create the best plan and schedule for your child’s individual needs. 

All of the Great Thinker’s tutoring sessions are one-on-one sessions between the student and the certified teacher. The sessions are completed in an interactive classroom with a dual whiteboard. This means that students can put notes, homework, and other files on the board and both the teacher and student can write on it. This is not a simple screen share like other tutoring services, it allows our students and teachers to better communicate and share information during the session, thus enhancing the student’s experience and allowing them to get the most out of each session.

We also understand that parent’s like to know how their student is performing in school and the progress they are making in their tutoring sessions, this is why Great Thinkers sends feedback to the parents after each individual tutoring session.  

Great Thinkers also offers an online portal for parents that will give them access to notes, signed contracts, invoices, and more. This helps parents stay connected and allows them to have easy access to all important information pertaining to their student’s tutoring.

Getting Started with Great Thinkers Learning Academy

Getting started with Great Thinkers

We want you to be confident that you are hiring the right tutoring service for your child’s needs. We offer a free consultation and a free intro session so that you may ask questions and discuss your student’s needs. It helps us to prepare your child’s individual learning plan and pair them with the right certified teaching tutor to meet their academic needs.

Getting started with Great Thinkers Learning Academy is easy!

Simply complete the form below and you will receive an email with instructions on how to book your free consultation as well as a short questionnaire to help us prepare for our scheduled meeting. 

Once your consultation has been booked you will receive a confirmation email of the time and date. Be sure to attend the consultation and come prepared with any questions you may have. 

When the consultation is completed you will receive another email with instructions on how to schedule your free intro session.

After you have attended the free intro session, Great Thinkers will contact you via email with instructions for student onboarding, package proposals, and the Great Thinkers tutoring contract. Once this is completed, your regular tutoring sessions can be scheduled, and additional sessions and packages can be added to your account.