Combatting Pandemic Learning Loss has proven to be difficult for many students and parents alike. With the Covid virus at its highest, many students’ education began to suffer from a learning gap.

What is the Covid Learning Gap?

Combatting Pandemic Learning Loss is also being called the ‘covid learning gap’. Educational researchers say the “covid learning gap” is the amount that most school children are falling behind their studies as their educational experience has suffered over the covid-19 crisis. With schools being closed and a lack of solid learning infrastructure available to teachers during remote instruction, kids have simply not received the level of care they need from schools in order to thrive. This in addition to the social and emotional strains of missing out on usual childhood activity, like social engagement, physical activity, and a learning community has all combined to put today’s kids at a serious disadvantage.

Fortunately, families can work to close the “covid gap”. By providing resources and opportunities for kids to make up some of the distance that they have fallen behind. They can also get them back on track for meeting educational standards.

What can you do to help?

Private Tutoring

One of the great ways to Combatting Pandemic Learning Loss is hiring a tutor. One of the major concerns with remote learning has not necessarily been the structure of remote learning itself, but rather the challenge it places on classroom teachers. This caused teachers to be forced to spend less time working individually with each student. To compensate for this, one option parents have is to find a private tutor for their student. Getting some individualized help can help students stay on top of their work and give them a resource for asking questions and getting help that they may not have in the middle of a larger classroom setting.

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Supplemental practice

Having a few workbooks or activities on hand to strengthen their abilities can make a huge difference. Opportunities to develop their skills, especially through fun activities they can look forward to. This can go a long way in reinforcing those skills. Whether it’s through free activity worksheets found online or through a full practice workbook. Regardless getting a chance to reinforce those academic abilities can help bridge their performance gap.

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A strategy so simple, and yet so effective – spend lots of time reading! Reading is one of the best things your child can do to strengthen their learning abilities. It’s simple and easy to do at home.Take your child to the bookstore, the library, or order some books online. You will then set up a dedicated reading time each day for them.

The best possible way to build reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking is for kids to engage in reading early and often. Whether it’s reading aloud to your children or giving them some quiet time to read independently. Make reading time a typical part of your family’s daily routine and this will have a huge effect on the amount of learning loss.

If your child is falling behind and they need help – or even if you just want them to have a chance to get a bit ahead – check out our private tutoring and academic services at Great Thinkers Learning Academy.