Summertime has finally arrived and students are excited to be out of the classroom. Now is when you should be planning summer activities to help your child avoid the summer slide in their learning. Great Thinkers Learning Academy offers a wide range of summer programs to avoid the summer slide to keep your child growing and actively involved in learning.

Signing up your child for summer programs to enhance their educational growth is an excellent way for them to jumpstart their future. They can take foreign language lessons, study a specific subject/topic, learn new study skills, and more! There is a program for everyone, you simply have to decide which is your favorite or participate in more than one! 

Our summer programs offer many advantages for students of all ages. Some examples of these advantages are that they can teach your student something new or further expand on a familiar topic. It can help them build confidence in themselves and their abilities, as well as, encourage them to be more involved in the classroom. In addition, many children who take summer programs to avoid the summer slide tend to have better grades for the following school year and parents seem to have fewer issues with incomplete homework assignments.  

Outside of summer programs or summer camps, there are plenty of other activities to keep your child involved in learning while still enjoying his or her summer break. For a complete guide on summer activities signup below for our newsletter and receive our summer activities guide for FREE! It’s a guide with plenty of ideas and options to enhance your child’s summer and avoid the summer slide that so many children experience when outside the classroom.