Some students struggle outside of the classroom and need extra homework help. There are many reasons for this but we will discuss the top 3 reasons kids don’t do their home and what parents can do to help them. The reasons can all be categorized in these three simple ways: they can’t do it, won’t do it, or didn’t realize they had the assignment.

Homework Help Needed if:

Can’t Do It

One of the main reasons a student doesn’t complete their homework is that they do not understand the content. Students need homework help because they have hit a roadblock in their assignments and do not know where to begin. They get stuck which leaves them feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed. If a student doesn’t learn the foundational skills building up to a particular assignment, the assignment itself will seem impossible for them and they will not be able to complete it. 

As a parent what can you do to help with these particular obstacles? Get your student homework help from a tutor with consistent meeting times. Additional help from a licensed professional may be exactly what your student needs. Teaching them study skills, organization, and assistance with any questions or struggle areas along the way.  

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Another reason students can’t complete their homework is that they do not have the necessary materials to complete the assignment.

Won’t Do It

Some students won’t do their homework due to having little or no motivation. Motivation issues can present themselves for a variety of reasons such as power struggles, concerns with their mental well-being, and even being overwhelmed, feeling as if there is no end in sight. When children begin to have problems with motivation, they will generally begin creating homework battles. Homework battles lead to a backlog of assignments creating the dreaded homework mountain. This further adds to the stress and lack of motivation.

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Another reason students won’t do their homework is due to organizational issues. This could mean anything from losing the assignment or resources needed to misplacing instructions or materials for a project. These are common behaviors for students with little to no organizational skills that need extra homework help.

The first step to getting organized is eliminating the things that are not necessary that are in the student’s book bag, binder, folders, and so on. Eliminating old papers, items of distraction, and excess paperwork will make room for the child to focus on what is important and not feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ to go through. 

Next, condense your child’s notebooks and folders down to a single binder that is neatly organized by subject. This helps keep them focused and use ONE organization tool for every class, making it easier for them to keep track of all their assignments in one nicely organized place. 

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Didn’t Realize They Had It

Finally, the famous, “Oh I didn’t know” excuse is sometimes the case. Children miss the teacher’s cue on homework because they are distracted, preoccupied, and simply not listening when they should be. It is still the student’s responsibility to know what homework they have for that night. If you have a student that is often distracted and missing the homework cues it is recommended to have a set routine with the teacher for them to double-check for homework assignments each day. Encourage them to write down all of their assignments in a planner to help ensure they don’t forget about any of them.

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Remember you are not alone. Today’s modern student is simply not equipped with the necessary skills to organize, process, manage, prioritize and learn from the massive amounts of information they encounter. However as parents and educators, we can help students develop these skills to be successful in school.